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Whitepaper - Zero Trust and Security Testing

It is no secret the biggest problem facing our country lies within the cyber threat landscape and the enormity of securing that landscape in today’s geographically dispersed work force environment. Testing teams are required to use government furnished equipment (GFE) laptops remotely to perform test schedules. This poses a few problems right from the start.

Client GFEs are regularly “policy locked”, meaning testers cannot install or configure laptops beyond what is issued. This restriction renders traditional VPN clients, certificates, and any access support software installations impossible. Further, web browsers on client machines would not allow installation of the plug-ins necessary to support Secure Sockets Layer VPN clients. The solution has to accommodate these restrictions. Zero Trust is a security model and set of system design principles requiring all users — whether inside or outside a user’s network -- to be authorized, authenticated, and continuously validated.

Our Zero Trust solution addresses numerous benefits to our customers, as well as identifies potential shortfalls in other commercial architectures available in the marketplace. To learn more, download our latest whitepaper.

FTL Zero Trust Whitepaper 2.0 - Summer 2023
Download PDF • 839KB


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