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Whitepaper - Endpoint Detection & Response

As federal agencies continue increase their cyber visibility and collect more data on events from their endpoints, they now face a wider deluge of alerts that will quickly outpace the ability to respond through human intervention alone. Security Automation is the foundation for dealing with the information tsunami and integration of automation solutions into existing Security Operations Center (SOC) processes will be the differentiator between resolving critical issues or being victim to the next data breach.

While many agencies refine and expand their log data collection and improve their detection capabilities with modern Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology - to comply with Executive Order 14028 - they face the implications of how all this new visibility impacts response capacity. Luckily this is not a new problem. Fluctuating budgets have affected security programs for years. Trying to do more with less has been the mantra both in the federal government and private industry. This led to specific technology called Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) - a combination of technologies that allows organizations to coordinate, execute, and automate cybersecurity tasks across different technologies and processes to quickly respond to known cyber events, freeing up your valuable personnel for more advance investigation and response actions. OMB’s M-21-31 has made these technologies integral to the operation of a robust security program looking to build a Zero Trust Architecture and truly improve the Nation’s Cybersecurity.

FTL EDR - Summer 2023
Download PDF • 506KB


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