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Our Capabilities 

Foxhole’s experts adapt in ever-changing cyber environments.

Our leadership, work ethic, and deep technical expertise serve as the foundation for our unfailing commitment to programs that protect  our Nation's security and infrastructure. 

Cyber Services

Our skilled cyber professionals solve emerging challenges while pushing security to the forefront. We help our clients move from a reactive to proactive posture, while empowering our staff to use innovative and proven solutions to meet customer needs.   

  • Vulnerability Management, Governance, and Compliance - including configuration management, security assessments, independent verification & validation (IV&V), and privacy impact assessments.

  • Penetration Testing, Threat Hunt, and Forensics - including pre- and post-breach investigations, root cause analysis, and breach containment and remediation.

  • Operations and Engineering - including SOC design and 24x7x365 support, SIEM design and support, endpoint security solutions (EDR), and C5ISR for DoD.

  • Data Analytics - including Big Data and Data Science.

Modernization Services

Foxhole is your trusted partner to architect, modernize, optimize, and operate mission-critical IT programs. Our personnel help design and deploy scalable and secure solutions that meet the discerning and evolving needs of our federal clients.

  • Cloud - including Kubernetes, Docker, micro-container management, hybrid architecture, and optimization.

  • Architecture/Infrastructure Modernization - including design, integration, and support.

  • IT and OT Integration

  • Program and Project Management

DevSecOps Services

Our developers use Agile and DevSecOps best practices to create software and application solutions that enhance our clients’ mission capabilities. As a firm specializing in cybersecurity, we incorporate security from the beginning of our development process – resulting in major reductions in operational vulnerabilities.

  • Agile (SCRUM) and DevSecOps 

  • Application Development and Operational Support

  • Systems Engineering

  • Test & Evaluation

Innovation Services

Foxhole's culture supports innovation and efficiencies at the employee level to bring continuous improvement to our clients. Our experts deliver mission-focused innovations that protect our Nation’s IT and OT, facilitate collaborative strategic decisions, and enhance scalable Defense and Homeland Security capabilities – all which require unprecedented speed and agility in today’s rapidly changing mission environment.   

  • Thought Leadership

  • Research and Development (R&D)

  • Reverse Engineering

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Driving Innovation

Foxhole's Lab for Advanced Innovation and Research (LAIR) provides an environment for our team to create innovative, tailored, out-of-the-box solutions to solve our clients’ biggest problems. Successes range from developing cloud migration and optimization strategies; to creating a fully operational Zero Trust testing environment used by two DISA contracts; to deploying a distributed containerized architecture for FPS’s new revenue management system; to creating a "Cloud in a Box" solution to overcome bandwidth and connectivity issues. We use the lab to develop, test, and deploy leading-edge cyber solutions; evaluate market-leading tools; and support hybrid cloud hosting. It’s where Foxhole proves our vow to deliver innovations with real mission impact.

Foxhole offers custom "in a Box" solutions.  Click below to learn more.

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