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Developing and Delivering "in a Box" IT Capabilities to Meet Evolving Government Needs

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Delivering Innovative Solutions “in a Box”

The Foxhole Technology Innovations Team’s new “Cloud in a Box” platform can be customized to meet your specific mission needs.

Training in a Box

Delivers your virtual training to resource constrained locations

Network in a Box

A portable, highly-adaptable software-defined network infrastructure

Cloud in a Box

Delivers a custom cloud where you need it, when you need it

Security in a Box

A transportable, cybersecurity multi-tool set for evaluation and remediation

Operational Use Cases

Training in a Box: ACAS in a Box Use Case-Enabling CCRI Audits
Cloud in a Box-Enabling Custom Cloud When and Where You Need It
Security in a Box: Purple Team in a Box Use Case-All the Tools You Need for Red/Blue Team
Training in a Box: VTE in a Box Use Case-Your Training in our Platform
Network in a Box-Rapid Network Deployment for Emergency Response
Security in a Box: Scanner in a Box Use Case-A Multi-Purpose Tool to Assess Cyber Posture

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