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Whitepaper - Innovation

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

In an effort to optimize code development and deployment practices for our clients’ production environments, Foxhole created an internal Lab for Advanced Innovation and Research (LAIR) replicating the production environment for all applications that Foxhole supports. We provide innovative, tailored, out-of-the-box solutions delivering a consolidated and shared architecture for multiple customer programs, enhancing schedules, costs, and performance efficiencies. Our experts are driving innovations in Zero Trust, cloud, and distributed containerized architectures.

Image of Innovation Whitepaper
Innovation Whitepaper

Foxhole invested heavily in the LAIR over the last seven years to provide concurrent testing, evaluation and troubleshooting of multiple products. We introduced production and application development tools to improve operational efficiency, enhance development and testing and provide a cloud migration path. We bring efficiencies recognized in the time to deliver each release to production and to resolve customer issues immediately. The LAIR supports testing new products that required a fully integrated environment with both the .NET and NextGen platforms.

To learn more, download our latest whitepaper.

FTL Innovation as a Service - Spring 2023
Download PDF • 1.04MB


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