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Foxhole Technology Awarded TSA IT SIVM Contract

Foxhole Technology was recently awarded the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Information Technology (IT) Secure Infrastructure and Vulnerability Management (SIVM) Services II contract to provide services to protect and maintain the availability, integrity and confidentiality of TSA systems. For this six-year contract, Foxhole Technology will work to ensure the continued execution of the TSA IT, Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Division (IAD) mission, while combating ever evolving cyber threats and challenges.

The TSA obligation to comply with DHS, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and other federally driven IT Security mandates includes the delivery of information security services through a myriad of activities including, but not limited to: IT Vulnerability Assessment and Engineering; IT Penetration Testing; IT Software & Infrastructure Evaluation; and IT Security Control Assessment. In addition to these highly visible services, our team will provide many other less visible services, including: maintenance of the IT platforms and tools required to provide primary services; ensuring availability of security reports to appropriate TSA stakeholders; assisting stakeholders with understanding specific security findings and policies; and providing the research and analysis necessary to inform TSA leadership about risk management for TSA current technologies, as well as leading-edge technologies which TSA considers for adoption.

Foxhole Technology, and our partners, look forward to helping the TSA meet, and exceed, their mission critical goals, while ensuring the TSA remains compliant with all security laws and mandates.

About TSA

The Transportation Security Administration was created to strengthen the security of the nation’s transportation systems and ensure the freedom of movement for people and commerce. TSA uses an intelligence-based approach and works closely with transportation, law enforcement and intelligence communities to set the standard for excellence in transportation security. For more information about TSA, please visit our website at


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