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Whitepaper - Cloud Innovation

Updated: Jun 23

COVID had major impact on training across the entire U.S. workforce. World-wide travel to implement in-person training was no longer viable. We had to rapidly innovate to find a delivery mechanism that would work for our clients. In less than two months, our cloud experts architected, developed, and deployed a highly scalable, innovative cloud-based solution to deliver critical hands-on student labs essential to the learning experience.

Cloud Enablement Whitepaper Thumbnail
Cloud Enablement Whitepaper

We prototyped many options but ultimately configured the labs in the high impact rated Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)-authorized Microsoft (MS) Azure Government Cloud (GovCloud). To respond to varying class sizes and to meet the needs of the Government, we designed the labs to be scalable based upon demand while ensuring each class had their own dedicated lab environment in which to learn. Initially there were two virtual labs; today, there are four with plans to double capacity to meet the surging need.

To learn more, download our latest whitepaper.

FTL Cloud Enablement Whitepaper - Spring 2023
Download PDF • 448KB


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