"10 Years Running"

From our initial inception in 2008 to today, we have not only survived in the challenging, rapidly changing IT environment, we have thrived!  Through the dedication of our employees to providing success for our customers, we have made great strides in achieving our strategic goal of transforming our service offerings into core competencies, and increasing our market share in the DoD and Federal sectors. We have earned a great reputation as a trusted partner to our customers, and as we move into a new year, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our core values and our vision, as we continue to build upon our firm foundation of people, technology and services to ensure continued, stable growth.

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large goals for the Long Distance 

As we move into 2018, we enter into a year of change and transition.  Our our team has made huge strides in expanding our work; building stronger relationships with our customers; and implementing best practices in recruiting, operations management and service delivery. Our support and management of information technology programs – particularly in the cyber security – deepened our depth in all phases of systems procurement, development, delivery and operations; and provided continuing development of the best practices and corporate discipline required to build consistency in our IT services delivery across our customer base. This year, we will leverage that expertise, along with our specific business development goals, to secure several new prime contracts that will not only further solidify our base, but will also put us on the right track for graduating from a small to a large business. 

headed for the turn.

February: We receive the Excellence in Missouri Business Award
May: We are awarded, as prime, the DISA SDSS BPA contract.
October: We are awarded, as prime, the VETS2 contract.
December: We are certified ISO 9001:2015; and named Best Work Place for Commuters.

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staying on the prime track.

May: We are awarded, as prime, the recompete of  DISA CMRS contract.
November:  We are awarded, as prime,  GSA PSS; GSA HACS SINs; and we establish our cutting edge, Innovation Lab, in Chambersburg, PA.

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running as fast as we can.

January: We are named to the Greater Washington Smart CXO list.
May:  We are named SECAF Small Business of the Year.
July:  We are awarded CMMI Level 2 Services.
September: We are awarded, as prime, the DoED contract; and Army IT Security Support with GDIT. 
November:  We are named State of Missouri Small Business of the Year; and we receive ISO 9001:2008 certification and CMMI Level 3 Development.

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staying ahead of the pack.

March: We are awarded, as prime, FAA NAS and DoED; and we are awarded the Army IT Security Support contract with GDIT.May: We win the DISA CND Tools recompete.
June: We are awarded a State Department contract with Deloitte.
October:  We are awarded, as prime, the DISA SCM/CMRS contract.
November:  Bob Mattes, OSD contract, is named NDIA Contractor Tester of the Year.

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the race gets even more interesting.

January: We are awarded AMCOM ITSS Huntsville, AL with SAIC.
April: We are awarded, as prime, our first large BPA – DISA PEO-MA.

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pulling ahead in the race

April: We are awarded DoD Mentor-Protégé Nunn-Perry Small Business of the Year.
May:  We are awarded SECAF Small Business of the Year - Finalist. 
August:  We are awarded the recompete of the DISA JITC contract with ManTech.

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April: We are awarded FAA MMAC; and OSD, DT&E contracts with SAIC.
July:  We are awarded the recompete of OSD DT&E with Sparta/Parsons.
August: We are awarded, as prime, the DISA DECC contract.
November: We are awarded, as prime, the DISA, CND Tools/SIEM contract.

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As we continue our work as subcontractors, we leverage our prime GSA Schedule 70 and FAA eFAST contracts. Our reputation for providing success continues to build.
August:  We are awarded, as prime, the Health and Human Services (HHS)/Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) MITA 3.0 contract. We expand our capabilities in providing software development and service solutions for Health Services, Privacy and 508 Accessibility.
September: We are awarded, as prime, the FAA Cyber Security Management Center contract.

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We're off and Running.

July: We are awarded our first prime contract, the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70.
September: We are selected as a DOD Mentor Protégé under NGA with IBM.
October: We are awarded, as prime, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) eFAST contract.  

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On your Mark. Get Set. go!

Foxhole Technology is founded as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) by Wes Hester, Lisa Durbin and Bob Toye. Investing in infrastructure from Day One, Deltek Time Keeping, ADP Payroll Systems and Clearance Jobs keeps us on track as we begin recruiting for employees and developing our capabilities in Software and Network Engineering; Test and Evaluation; Cyber Security; DevOps; and Cloud Services. We are a subcontractor to major defense contractors; and become an IBM Premier Partner and Reseller.