Our Team

Wes hester

Wes is a Service Disabled U.S. Army veteran with over 35 years experience in government acquisition, contracting,  technical asset management and large scale cyber security initiatives.

Joe Burke
CTO/Technical Program Manager 

Joe, a certified Subject Matter Expert in cyber security, is responsible for all corporate innovation and strategy, as well as technical program management for all  contracts, and our Development and Testing lab in Chambersburg, PA.  

angie gabrielson
DoD Sector

Angie is responsible for operations and business development in the DoD Sector, and brings 18 years of experience in a myriad of organizations including the Army, Marine Corps and Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Bob Toye

Bob is responsible for all financial planning, strategy and transactions, and brings over 35 years of corporate and government experience in contracting, banking and human resource planning.

Thom Robb
VP, Quality and Process Management 

Thom is responsible for all Quality Management initiatives and processes – including all aspects of maintaining our ISO and CMMI level certifications. He has more than 40 years of experience in  project and process management.

Ron Maree
civilian sector

Ron is responsible for program operations and business strategy for the Civilian Sector, and supports geographically dispersed contracts in the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of State and the Department of Education.

Lisa durbin
Sr. VP

Lisa is responsible for Human Resources, Recruiting and Marketing. She brings over 35 years of experience providing client support and services in the military, DoD, federal and civilian sectors. 

Peter dierbeck
Director of Contracts

Peter is responsible for contract management processes and all legal relationships with customers and suppliers. He brings over 25 years of government contracting experience in both large and small businesses.

Stewart Kerr
Chief Information Officer

Stewart is responsible for IT infrastructure, including the Chambersburg Innovation Lab and staff productivity tools. He brings over 35 years of technology management, software development and enterprise architecture experience.

Dan Hawkins
VP, DoD/Fed

Dan oversees strategic business development for DoD/Federal programs. He brings 20 years experience supporting Multi-National, Joint, Strategic and Tactical Systems Integration programs.

Mark cosgrove
Chief Ops officer (COO)

Mark oversees daily operations, and implements business plans, development, procedures and strategies.  He brings over 30 years of experience overseeing all aspects of company operations.