Ben Jurado, Foxhole Technology, Awarded Lethal Forensicator Title and Coin

Ben Juardo, Deputy PM and Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager of the Foxhole Technology 24x7x365 SOC in the Department of Education, was on the forensics team that competed, and won, the SANS Digital Forensics Challenge at the SANS Reston, VA event. The team was awarded the SANS Lethal Forensicator Coin, along with the title "Lethal Forensicator." 

The Coin, Round Metal Object (RMO), is awarded only to those who demonstrate exceptional talent and contributions, and are recognized leaders in the digital forensics profession and community. As a properly trained incident responder,  individuals such as Ben are often the best defense an organization has when compromised or in the midst of a complex digital investigation. These analysts also continually strive to further not only their knowledge, but also actively share their experiences and encourage learning through participation within their organizations and the forensics community. The SANS Institute Lethal Forensicator Coin is one way the SANS Institute recognizes those in the field that deserve special recognition and a thank you for their continued efforts in the rapidly changing field of Digital Forensics.

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